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At the end of the day, we get that you’re out to make some serious money. That’s why we ditch the cookie-cutter fluff and replace it with concrete, real-time proof of how your marketing dollars are doing just that—and more!

Most marketing companies produce a marketing plan, but few can call it their value proposition. At MediaTree, we begin our onboarding process by hammering out an elaborate, comprehensive, not-your-average marketing plan of action, built to undeniably provide value in a way that clients can see and track…24/7!

In order to do so, we make it our mission to learn everything we can about your business as it stands today, so that we can better understand where money is being made, lost, and flat-out wasted. We incorporate all of these findings into your comprehensive marketing plan of action, which also includes step-by-step details on how we plan to turn things around, fix inefficiencies, and cut unnecessary costs across the board.

You’ll notice that most of our clients have been with us for several years. That’s because our contracts are purposefully built on retention and with intention, positioning us as a multi-faceted and tenured extension of our clients’ businesses. In choosing MediaTree, our clients have opted for a marketing team that not only prioritizes brand consistency across all mediums, but that also has the wherewithal and processes in place to back it up. Since we realize that marketing turnover is one of the biggest threats to overall brand consistency, we understand the importance of instilling a marketing plan of action that is strong enough to make a big impact and adapt to your industry right from the get go…and beyond!

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A Process Built For Progress

Our marketing plans of action turn even your loftiest of business goals into tangible action items that connect all the dots, track ROI for each dollar spent, and—in some cases—transform the entirety of your business’ operations. If there’s a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing things, we’re going to bring it to your attention…stat!

Plus, the details in this ever-evolving plan will help our team members remain all the more focused on your message, branding, & business goals because we heard them directly from the most reliable source…you!

Once your company joins our ranks, your onboarding journey will look a lot like this: