Search-Engine Optimization

Rank All Your Keywords on the First Page of Google

MediaTree Marketing & Advertising has reliably pushed its clients to the top of Google rankings for over 10 years. How? With a highly-capable team of software engineers constantly dedicated to managing, measuring, and optimizing every website in our portfolio!

Here at MediaTree, your revenue is our top priority. Because of this, we can offer beautiful websites made great by a superior underlying architecture. Not only will your company be ahead of the game, but it will stay there for several years with little-to-no further manipulation.

We do White-Hat Backlinking Only!

While most companies with big marketing budgets buy medium-quality links from third-party providers, they are also wasting a lot of money in doing so. This is called “black-hat SEO”, and it is an ineffective use of your company’s resources. Although a quick method of gaining some initial traction in this new decade, it leads to a messy backlink portfolio. As Google updates its search algorithm now faster than ever, the effectiveness of black-hat link-buying drops dramatically. We are now seeing more and more cases of companies that believed they had a good backlink profile, only to see the next month that their page score has plummeted and with no readiness to fix it. Not only does MediaTree avoid dodgy third-party links, but we also carefully assess every domain linking back to your site, thus ensuring a minimal degree of potentially toxic backlinks.

  • Backlink Portfolio Management and Monitoring
  • In-site Crosslinking
  • Keyword Management
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Meta-data Optimization
  • Website Architecture Management