Media Buying

TV, Radio, Print. Put all of your media under one tree.

We help you branch out with media buying

Mediatree negotiates contracts over all mediums. Our buyers are armed with industry leading media buying software. Our expertise and resources allow us to deliver your audience at the most efficient cost.

1. We have the ability to buy media in bulk at rates that a single business cannot obtain.

2. We are educated as to the best times and places to run ads to reach your target market, ultimately minimizing wasted spending.

3. We can help you fine tune your target market so that the message is designed to reach those you want to reach.

Buying Media is an Agency’s Daily Job

MediaTree negotiates several media contracts each week for numerous clients. Therefore, we are able to negotiate lower rates than advertisers that are buying media for their single business, seasonal or one-time only. For this same reason, MediaTree does not get bogged down with long-term commitments in one medium.

Access To Research/Audience Analysis

MediaTree has access to research that most business owners are not familiar with. This gives us the ability to micro-target specific programming or a medium that will deliver your very specific audience. Some of the research tools available: Media Audit, Scarborough, Marshall Marketing…

Audience Delivery and Reconciliation

MediaTree will monitor your schedules to ensure the negotiated audience is delivered. If there is a shortfall in audience, we will request bonus commercials/ads to make-up for the under delivery. We have software that will analyze invoices to make sure all commercials ran at the correct time with correct copy, and all rates charged match the order

Saves You Time and Doesn’t Cost A Cent

Ad agencies receive a 15% “agency discount” of the gross billing from advertising outlets. The ad agency saves the media time and expense of working with direct clients. Also, ad agencies typically have multiple clients placing advertising. Therefore the advertising outlet is working with multiple revenue streams from one source.

  • Media Audit
  • Scarborough
  • Marshall Marketing
  • Strata
  • Nielsen
  • Kantar
  • ROI based Media Planning & Buying
  • Local Regional & National Buying Power
  • Industry Leading Software
  • Centralized & Organized Traffic
  • Simplified Invoicing & Billing
  • Co-Op Submissions
  • Guaranteed Audience Delivery
  • Competitive Spend & Share of Voice Analysis