Web Developer

We are seeking two new ambitious web developers to work on innovative projects and drive the future of marketing on the web.

At MediaTree we handle all aspects of marketing and advertising (media buying, creative marketing campaigns, web advertising/marketing). Web advertising (PPC, Email Marketing) and content creation (writing for web, graphics) are also part of our day-to-day. This means we need someone that is stellar at juggling various accounts while moving projects forward in a variety of frameworks, most of all which are centered around WordPress.

The ideal candidate would have knowledge of the full web development stack and be able to handle server-side issues as well as front-end ones. We are looking for two developers, while both capable of full stack, one that is stronger in front-end and one that is stronger in back-end would be ideal. The position requires expert knowledge of HTML and CSS, with Javascript and PHP being a plus.

Graphics knowledge is also a huge plus. Possessing that capability of creating engaging images for use on the web will make you stand out from the crowd, but at a minimum, you will need to understand the basics of web file issues.

Your day to day will consist of maintaining live sites: making sure they are up to date, functioning, and secure. Adding new features to existing sites, building out entirely new sites, or overhauling old ones. Maintaining good SEO and keeping an eye on our site’s presence on search engines will also be an important duty.

If you’re looking to join an exciting team with a company that values innovation submit your resume to MediaTree today!

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